Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and after,

We are living in successive changes in the world / the concept of charitable work has gone beyond the stereotype of social solidarity and human giving, but rather to become a tributary of human development and a creative energy exerted by the virtuous and generous, in anticipation of God’s sake and hope for his proof and bounty. We leave a bright imprint on vulnerable communities and groups.

We need your help

We work together for the happiness of humanity

Good deeds are considered one of the best deeds that a person does in his life and he loves them to God Almighty, who mentioned the virtue and importance of doing good and well-known in all the divine books that He revealed to man, and he singled out the doer of good with many good deeds and private homes in Paradise. Goodness does not come to mind, it is a step in a long road to the happiness of humanity through the implementation of massive projects with contributions that may seem simple to you, sponsoring one or more homes, he contributed to building a mosque in which Muslims pray or a memorization circle for the Holy Qur’an that attains millions of good deeds, or give water or water in charity. Digging and building a well, or donating and contributing to the building or restoration of a house that would be a shelter for a poor family, or he contributed to Eid clothing or school stationery, and even contributed to treating a patient or conducting an operation for him to gain the honor of the companionship of the Prophet in Paradise and the righteous.

To donate through the bank

Bank Name: Vakıf Katılım Bankası A.Ş.
TRY: TR64 0021 0000 0003 3583 4000 02
USD: TR26 0021 0000 0003 3583 4001 04
EUR: TR96 0021 0000 0003 3583 4001 05
Bank Name: Ziraat Bankası
TRY: TR 5600 0100 2192 8621 2899 5001
USD: TR 2900 0100 2192 8621 2899 5002
EUR: TR 0200 0100 2192 8621 2899 5003


Our Progress

This is the progress we've made since we started working
  • 207 Number of projects implemented!
  • 162,366 Number of beneficiary families!
  • 5,760,136 $ The value of the total amount!

With your help.

As much joy, we were able to provide them with water, as much as pain and sadness, so that people flock to get the least right to life, which is drinking water.

Thanks to the people of goodness and giving, and God was with the help of our people in Yemen.


Two years of tender harvest || 6/2018 - 6/2020


Implemented Projects


Beneficiary Families

2.5 Million $

Total Amount

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